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Sardines – A Hide & Seek Game

Sardines – A Hide & Seek Game

This would be a fun game to play with a lot of kids or just a few. You can do it in your home, backyard, a park or anywhere there are places to hide. To Play Sardines: The person who is “it” hides while everyone else counts to 30. Each player then tries to find the...

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Watermelon Pie

Wouldn't this pie be fun for a family reunion or picnic. Thank you to Make & Takes

Cinco de Mayo Facts

Facts about Cinco de MayoCinco de Mayo means "fifth of May" in Spanish. It's an important day in Mexico and is celebrated each year with a fiesta. The story of Cinco de Mayo began over 100 years ago with a young orphan boy, Benito Juarez who grew up, studied law and...

Dear Children of the Earth by Schim Schimmel

A remarkable letter from Mother Earth asking for help from children everywhere and entrusting them with her protection. The illustrations are exquisite. After reading the book have your child write their own letter to Mother Earth telling what they can do to protect...

Creative Holiday Cards

The women in my extended family have a great tradition. The first Saturday of December we get together at my home and have a pot luck lunch. Everyone 6 years and older is invited. We always do a service project for a local hospital and sometimes we make Christmas...

Arbor Day Memory Tree

To celebrate Arbor Day, wouldn't planting a tree be a fun activity to do with your grandchildren or children. When you plant the tree it's great to dedicate it to someone special or something you want to celebrate. One year my children and I planted a tree in honor of...