Links On A Chain – Family Reunion Activity

I came across an activity that Kimberlee Woodward, a teacher in Michigan, used in her classroom that I thought would be fun for a family reunion or a family gathering. Each person has 3-5 different-colored paper strips on which they write a different talent. They create a mini paper chain by linking their talent strips together. Now, get the whole group together and taking turns, each person reads their talents. Link the individual chains together using extra strips of paper. Now you have one long chain. Talk about what the chain demonstrates. For example: All our family members have talents. If we help and support each other we can accomplish more. We’re a stronger family when each individual is willing to share their talents.

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Rainbow Wrap Sandwiches

This is an easy & inexpensive lunch or snack idea.

Rainbow Wrap Sandwiches
You’ll need:
4 10-inch flour tortillas (assorted flavors & colors)
4 tablespoons mustard
1/2 pound thinly sliced deli meat (about 8 slices)
8 slices cheese
Spread each tortilla with mustard.
Layer meat and cheese on top of tortillas, dividing evenly.
Roll up tortillas, jelly-roll style. Cut into thirds.
This idea came from French’s Foods
Spread with cream cheese in place of mustard, add onions, lettuce, or add mayonnaise.

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Ice Cream Cone Activity

Print out an ice cream cone pattern for each family member. Each person cuts out the single scoop ice cream cone and writes their name as shown in the picture. Put the cones on the refridgertor or a bulletin board so everyone can see them. Cut out the remaining scoops and put them in a place that is accessible to all members of the family. When a member of the family catches someone doing a good deed, write the deed on an ice cream scoop and attach it to their cone. Watch the ice cream cone get taller and taller as good deeds are being done.
Download Ice Cream Cone

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Paper Plate Shaker

Parade Shaker Grandma Lizzies Housesmall
I seemed to be obsessed with recycling. My grown children often make fun of me about it. I get excited when I can use something I already have to make something new. But that also means saving stuff (or junk as some like to refer to it). Well, I used some of that stuff to make this paper plate shaker. The left over paper plates from a New Year’s Day celebration and ribbons from various different gifts I have received over the year. You can have your children and grandchildren make a shaker then sing songs together. It would be fun to make then at a family reunion, neighborhood, church, or community party and have a parade.

You’ll need:
2 paper plates for each shaker (I used the small ones because they are easier to hold onto and you don’t need as many beans.)
Ribbons, crepe paper or other items for decorating
Markers, paint or crayons

1. Decorate the outside of the paper plates
2. As you begin to staple around the edge add your decorations
3. When you are near the end fill your shaker with beans
4. Then finish stapling making sure you have stapled close enough so the beans don’t fall out

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Bookmaking Ideas

I attended a fantastic two day bookmaking workshop presented by artist and bookmaker Susan Kapluscinski Gaylord. All of her ideas use materials you already have and would probably recycle but now they have a new use. Check out her website Makingbooks .

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Fun Sandwiches

What could be easier? Just make your favorite sandwich and use cookie cutters to make the shapes. What child wouldn’t want to eat these?

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Talking Sticks

Sometimes it’s hard to get children to tell you about their day. Talking sticks can get child talking. On craft sticks write different questions. Put the sticks in a cup and during dinner have each family member take turns drawing a stick and answering the question. You can also use strips of paper instead of sticks.


Tell about something funny that happened to you.

Tell about something that made you nervous or scared.

Tell about something that made you happy.

Tell about something that made you feel proud.

Tell about something that made you feel angry.

Tell about something that you are excited about.

Tell about something that you look forward to.

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A Fun Way to Preserve Memories

A fun way to preserve special summer memories is by using a tin lunch box. You can find them at craft stores and they come in various shapes and sizes.

Use permanent markers and stickers to decorate the outside then use a clip magnet on the inside cover to hold all the photos. You can make a booklet with your photos or just stack them together and secure with the magnet clip. Put souvenirs, postcards or other memorabilia inside.

You can also use a tin box you already have and paint it.

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Story Wheel

This is a simple activity you can do with your children (3-11 years) that will strengthen their reading and writing skills. Choose a short book to read. Whether you’re reading the book to your child or they are reading to you, be sure to stop periodically and ask questions about what has happened in the story and let them predict what they think will happen next. This is a great way to reinforce comprehension of the story. When you are finished reading, together discuss the sequence of events in the story and make a story wheel.

STEP 1 Trace 2 circles, that are the same size, on white paper. I used a plate.

STEP 2 Cut out the circles. Mark the center on one of the circles.

STEP 3 Cut out a triangular shape but don’t go right to the center marking. You will need a place to put your brad or paperclip.

STEP 4 Put the two circles together and secure at the center point using a brad or paperclip.

STEP 5 On the whole circle have the child draw and color their favorite parts of the story following the sequence of the story. Each scene should fit into the cutout section. Retell the story by turning the top circle to show each drawing.

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Healthy Chicken Nuggets

grandma lizzies house chicken nuggets
These chicken nuggets are baked which makes them 175 calories per 3 ounce serving.

1 1/2 pound pieces chicken thighs, boneless, skinless, cut in bite-size
1 cup Cornflakes, crushed
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1/2 teaspoon Italian herb seasoning
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon onion powder

Preheat oven to 4oo degrees F. Lightly grease a cooking sheet. Place all ingredients in a large plastic bag and shake to coat. Place chicken pieces on cooking sheet so they are not touching. Bake until golden brown, about 12-14 minutes.
Deseret News

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