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Black & White by David Macaulay

Black & White by David Macaulay

This is a fantastic book for kids of all ages. It actually has 4 stories going on at the same time but they are all linked together. It's fun for kids to discover how they all relate to each other. The illustrations are great. Teaching Ideas

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Graduation Cap Treat

Graduation Cap Treat

Make this fun and easy treat for any age graduate. All you need are peanut butter cups, chocolate covered graham cracker cookies, and licorice cut into thin strips. Attach the licorice, peanut butter cup, and cookie with chocolate frosting.

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New Name for Chili Fest

This is the 9th year of my annual Chili Fest but the problem is the last 3 years we haven't had chili. It got too complicated when everyone had a different idea about what kind of chili they wanted - no meat but beans, no beans but meat, meat and beans, or no chili at...

Cranberry Fluff

This would be a great recipe for your grandchildren to help you make because it's mostly hand mixing and the ingredients are easy to measure. You will need: 4 cups fresh or frozen cranberries 3 cups miniature marshmallows 3/4 cup sugar 2 cups finely chopped, peeled...

Little Seeds Lie Fast Asleep

Here's a fun poem to recite while you're gardening with your grandchildren. It's written by Moiselle Renstrom. Little seeds lie fast asleep In a row, in a row. "Wake up, wake up," calls the sun, "Wake up now and grow." Little seeds wake one by one In a row, in a row,...

Family Time Capsule

Wouldn't it be fun to make a family time capsule. You could do it at a holiday celebration, a birthday party or just set aside a special night. Then look forward to opening it in 1, 5 or 10 years. Here's some great ideas. Time Capsules: A Family Time Machine by Dennis...

Fall Bird Feeders

This is a fun fall activity to do with your children and you're helping the birds. Directions: 1. Gather various sizes of milk cartons. 2. Cut out an opening. 3. Decorate with paint or permanent markers. 4. Make a small hole to push a dowel through so the bird can...