Kids finding the treasure

At a recent family reunion my daughter Callee did an easy and fun treasure hunt with the kids. She had 5 stations with a different activity that had to be completed to get the clue to the next station. At each station there was an adult to supervise. When all the kids were finished with the activity at one station, they were given the clue of where to go next.

Station 1 – make a picture using tiny shell & rocks ( while the kids were doing this, Callee was burying the treasure with an “X“ on top)
Station 2 – listen to a story (picture book about a family reunion)
Station 3 – act out scenes from Star Wars ( all the kids love the Star Wars movies)
Station 4 – using white crepe paper or toilet paper, wrap up someone to look like a mummy
Station 5 – sing 3 songs (that was my station)
The clue from station 5 was to find an “X”. The treasure was buried in a plastic container.
The kids loved it and stayed engaged because they wanted the treasure.
This could be done almost anywhere, even at home on a rainy day.

Kids getting their treasure