reading-small.JPGGrandparents can help their grandchildren learn to read or become better readers by:
1. Having books available when they come to visit and encouraging them to explore books.
2. Reading together and talking about what you’re reading.
3. Make reading a pleasure and show enthusiasm as you read together.

There are so many great Valentine books to read to your grandchildren. Some that my grandchildren have enjoyed are The Valentine Bears by Eve Bunting, Little Bear’s Valentine by Maurice Sendak, and Max’s Valentine by Rosemary Wells.
When you’re finished reading together you can make an accordion folded Valentine card.


1. Using white or colored paper measure  strips. Make sure the width is the same so when folded the edges match..
2. Decide how wide you want each page/section to be and make a mark at the top and bottom. Make sure they are even so       when you fold each page/section it is equal to the others.                                                                                                                          3.  Cut out the strips only along the outside edges.
4. Tape or glue the 2 strips together and fold along the marks accordion style.
5. Write a special Valentine message or story to give to someone.
6. Put it in an envelope or tie together with a ribbon.