Number of Players: 2 or more
Each player needs a Turkey Category Sheet and a pencil.
The object of the game is to get the most words in each column that begin with the letter.
Playing the Game:
1. Decide on one category (fruits, vegetables, names, colors, states, cities, countries, holiday things).
Choose categories that are appropriate to the ages of the players.
2. Set a time period for each column (1-3 minutes depending on the ages of those playing).
3. Each player writes as many words as they can think of that fit the category and  begin with the letter in the column.
4. When time is up, taking turns, each player reads their list. If any other player has the same word all players that have that word cross it off their list.
5. The player with the most words left in their columns is the winner.
6. You can do all the columns at the same time or separate depending on the ages of those playing.

Example: Category – Countries
T – Turkey, U – United States, R – Russia, K – Korea, E – Ethiopia, Y – Yemen