Ideas for making excursions to museums and historical sites more engaging for your children.

1. Realize that you may need to spend just a short time in each area. If your child seems interested stay longer, if not move on quickly.

2. Before you go, make a list of things for the children to look for (number of steps, the colors in a specific painting, number of clocks, etc.). Then they will be challenged to find all the answers.

3. Talk about the time period of the place you’re visiting and have them think about what the children were like, what they wore, and what toys they played with.

4. Choose places to visit that have a child’s room and have them compare it to their room.

5. Be sure to get a brochure of the site or museum you visit and when you get home, make a game similar to Monopoly. Create a simple game board by cutting out pictures and gluing them in a circle on paper. You could also play a guessing game like “I’m thinking of….” If you have two brochures you can cut out duplicate pictures and make a matching game.

6. When you arrive home have you child write about their favorite thing and draw a picture.

7. Take a photo of you and your child, glue on a paper and each of you write about the visit. You could put it in an inexpensive frame as a keepsake.

8. If your child is not with you when you visit a special place, send then a photo of you by something that you found interesting . Write them a note telling them why you found it interesting.