This is a fun activity to do when you’re camping or on vacation. You can gather items from a walk or a hike. Materials: Sandwich bag, a piece of paper the size of the sandwich bag, a variety of items you might normally throw away or recycle (magazines, colored paper scraps, wrapping paper, ribbon, yarn, sequins, etc.).
1. Create a picture with recyclable items and glue on one side of the paper.
2. Write a short story or poem on the opposite side of the picture. If your child isn’t writing yet have them tell you what to write and they can sign their name.
3. Slide the paper in the sandwich bag. The items from the picture won’t get lost and your grandchild with have the picture and the story they created together.

Variation: You can use a photograph of a special event or a post card from a vacation and write about it. The sandwich bag will keep it protected.