Parade Shaker Grandma Lizzies HousesmallI get excited when I can use something I already have to make something new. Kids can make a shaker then create rhythms to sing and dance to. It would be fun to make then at a family reunion, neighborhood, church, or community party and have a parade.

You’ll need:
2 paper plates for each shaker (I used the small ones because they are easier to hold onto and you don’t need as many beans or rice.)
Ribbons, crepe paper and other items for decorating
Markers, paint or crayons, stapler and beans or rice

1. Decorate the outside of the paper plates
2. As you begin to staple around the edge add your decorations
3. When you are near the end fill your shaker with beans
4. Then finish stapling making sure you have stapled close enough so the beans don’t fall out