Veterans Day has great meaning for me. I have a deep gratitude for those who have served and are presently serving in our military. For those who have given the ultimate sacrifice of their life I have a sacred respect. My father served in the army during WWII and was part of the D-Day invasion on Normandy Beach. He and his unit stormed Omaha Beach and he lost his leg when he stepped on a German landmine. He was always so proud that he was able to serve his country during this horrific time in the history of the world. He always got tears in his eyes when he saw the flag or heard the national anthem. Because my father was active in the Disabled American Veteran’s Association, each Veteran’s Day our family would sell forget-me-nots. They were small paper flowers that you could wear on your lapel to show respect. My father has been gone for 24 years now but I still can see him in my mind giving me and my brothers a bunch of forget-me-nots to sell on the corners in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Poppies are also a flower used to remember.

Make a poppy wreath