Making butter is a great way to keep the grandchildren busy while they’re waiting for Thanksgiving dinner. To make the butter, you’ll need heavy whipping cream, a clean baby food jar, and salt. Pour some cream into the jar so that it’s about ¼ full. Sprinkle a dash of salt into the jar. Put the cap on the jar and screw it on tightly. Now shake, shake, shake it up! Keep shaking it for about 10 minutes. You can speed up the process if you chill the jars first.
To help the time pass, try singing songs and shake to the beat. When you see the cream change from a liquid to a soft solid, stop shaking and pour off excess liquid—your butter is ready! Won’t it be fun for your grandchildren to have their own jar of butter for the dinner rolls. Be sure to put what’s left over in the refrigerator!