What a cute keepsake,  a handprint ornament. I got this idea from my grandson’s kindergarten teacher.
You’ll need:
Round Christmas ornament
White acrylic paint
Permanent markers (various colors)
Large paper plate
1. Pour enough white paint on the paper plate to cover your grandchild’s hand.
2. Have your grandchild press their hand in the paint making sure the entire hand is covered.
3. Help them wrap their hand around the bottom of the round ornament. Make sure their fingers are spread out. You only have one chance to do it so make sure the hand is correct before you have them press on the ornament.
4. Wait for the paint to dry (about 30 minutes).
5. When it’s dry make a face, hat, scarf, buttons, arms, etc. on each of the fingers to represent a snowman. Each one can be different.
This is a fun and creative way to make a memory with your grandchildren.