These wind chimes are easy to make and would be a great gift for Mother’s Day or any occasion.

You’ll need:
various sizes of lids (soup, vegetables, fruit, etc.)
*dowel (about 6-8 inches long).
*You can also use a wire hanger in place of the dowel.

1. When you open the cans to get the lids make sure to use a can opener that doesn’t leave sharp edges. Clean the lids.
2. Using the hammer and nail make a hole in each lid. Make sure to pound the back down flat so there are no cut fingers.
3. Paint each lid front & back. When dry decorate.
4. Attach a string to each lid where you made the hole and then attach to the dowel. You’ll want them to be close enough together so they chime when the wind blows.
5. Attach a string to the dowel and hang.