This is a fun activity that combines addition, multiplication & division skills. The Giant Jam Sandwich by John Lord & Janet Burroway is a tall tale about a village afflicted by a plague of wasps. They try many ways to get rid of them but they are unsuccessful. Finally, someone has the idea to make a giant jam sandwich. The sandwich is so giant it covers the entire park! The jam attracts the wasps and they quickly cover it with the top slice of bread and haul it away. Your grandchildren can make their own jam or peanut butter sandwich and use raisins for the wasps. They can see how many wasps (raisins) they can catch on one slice of bread. If you don’t want to use real bread, you can trace a slice of bread on paper and use paper clips for the wasps.
You can ask questions such as:
How many wasps can you catch with 2, 3 or 4 sandwiches?
How many sandwiches would it take to catch 100 wasps?
What if the wasps were twice as big, how many could you catch?