Graduation Cap Treat

Make this fun and easy treat for any age graduate. All you need are peanut butter cups, chocolate covered graham cracker cookies, and licorice cut into thin strips. Attach the licorice, peanut butter cup, and cookie with chocolate frosting.

Easy Taco Math

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by making tacos. Have your grandchildren use measuring cups and spoons to create their tacos. This will help them learn an important math skill. For each taco you’ll need: 1 hard taco shell 1/8 C of cooked chicken or ground beef 1/8 C of...

Surprise Popcorn

Your family will be surprised when they taste this white chocolate covered popcorn and it’s easy to make! Surprise Popcorn 8 cups Popped popcorn 1 lb. white chocolate candy coating ¼ cup Peanut butter Put chocolate and peanut butter in the microwave and heat...

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