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Individual Apple Pies

Individual Apple Pies

Individual Apple PiesReady-made pie crust (the kind that comes packaged flat in the dairy case)Canned apple pie fillingHave each child cut out two large circles of pie crust (using a large, round cookie cutter or a large plastic drinking cup). Put a spoonful of pie...

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Rhyme Time Game

Rhyming words can help children become better readers and spellers. They can hear patterns and begin to see and hear word families (rat, bat, cat, fat). This is an easy game that can be played anywhere: in the car, walking, laying in bed. You begin by saying “ I’m...

Star Wars Light Saber

While we were on a family vacation at a lake, it was my grandson's birthday. They love Star Wars so their mom made light sabers for all the kids. She bought a bunch of water noodles at the dollar store and wrapped black tape around one end for the handle. They were an...

Spooky Halloween Treats

Rhodes Bread has lots of great dinner and treat ideas for Halloween. From Rhodes Bread.

Princess Garland

Create this princess garland with crepe paper, wire and beads. So easy your child can help make it. You'll Need: crepe paper, beads and wire Directions: 1. Measure enough wire to fit the child's head and a little extra for securing together when finished. 2. Form it...

Holocaust Remembrance Days

There are a number of International Holocaust Remembrance Days. This is a great time to talk to children about prejudice, justice, love for our fellowmen, and acceptance. World War II is part of the 6th grade course of study and when I talk with my students about the...