This fragrant pomander ornament is great to do with an older grandchild. It’s fun and easy to make and will keep the house smelling like Christmas.
You’ll need:
Oranges or limes
Whole cloves
Plastic bag or container
1. Apply tape around the fruit where you will place the ribbon.
2. Push the whole cloves close together in the space around the tape. If you’re are using a lime it gets a little messy when the juices run out. It’s not a problem with an orange because the skin is thicker.
3. Place the fruit in a plastic bag or container for about 2 weeks. The fruit will shrink and the cloves will be very close together. The plastic bag keeps the fragrance.
4. Before putting the ribbon around the fruit, add cinnamon to the plastic bag and shake. This will cover the fruit with cinnamon and add to the fragrance.