Free Math GameThis fun math game for ages 4-10 years is a visual representation of groups of tens (our place value system is base ten.) It also helps children understand moving from left to right, that is how we read.                                                                              Each player will need one Twenty Frame game pattern and beans to be used as markers. You’ll also need a pair of number cubes cut out and taped together.         1. Player # 1 shakes both cubes and adds the numbers together.
2. Place the total number of beans on the 20 frame (be sure to add the beans beginning on the top row from left to right then go to the second row adding on beans left to right).
3. Player #2 does the same.
4. The player with the greatest value wins the round. Decide ahead of time how many rounds you will play to determine the winner.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Variation:
Cover the 20 frame with beans. Roll both number cubes and remove the total number of beans from the 20 frame. (be sure to begin taking away from the bottom right. It’s the reverse/opposite of adding.)  The player with the lowest value wins the round.