You can make this easy pumpkin turkey centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner kid’s table.
You’ll need
styrofoam ball
yellow & red tissue paper
twist tie or string
straight pins, tape & toothpicks
paper for turkey feathers
Cut enough yellow tissue paper to wrap around the styrofoam ball and still have enough to spread over the top of the pumpkin as shown in the photo. Secure with a twist tie. Use straight pins to secure to the pumpkin. Add a small piece of red tissue for the wattle and secure with straight pin. Make eyes and beak from scrap paper or use a marker. Cut as many feathers as you have grandchildren and write a name on each. Tape a toothpick to the back of the feather so it’s easy to stick into the pumpkin. There are so many variations to this craft so use whatever items you have available and create your own Thanksgiving pumpkin centerpiece.