You will need:
Glue and scissors (a hot glue gun would make this project easier but it is not necessary)
Any size empty can (be sure to remove the lid with a can opener that doesn’t leave sharp edges)
Quilt batting or white felt (enough to cover the can)
Black felt & black pipe cleaner for earmuffs
Items to make the face (buttons, pompoms, felt, pipe cleaners, etc)
To assemble:
1. Cover the can with white felt or batting and glue in place. This will be the snowman’s body.
2. Cut 2 circles from the black felt and stuff with extra batting or felt to form earmuffs and
3. Before attaching the 2 black earmuffs to the can, form the black pipe cleaner as shown in the
photograph then glue.
4. Add buttons for the eyes,an orange pom pom or felt for the nose and red felt or a pipe cleaner for mouth.
5. Use pink blush for cheeks.                                                                                                                                                                              6.Fill with treats.