Share the book Grandfather’s Gold Watch as part of a special time together with your children and grandchildren. It’s the story of  twelve-year-old Peter who receives a gift from his grandfather as he bids farewell to Denmark and sails with his family to America. It is a beautiful gold watch. His grandfather tells him the watch will remind him to ask himself, what have I done with my name? What have I done with my time? His grandfather’s words stay with him his whole life and keep him connected to his family.

Copy the pattern and write special memories of a loved one who has passed on. Attach a photograph if one is available. Invite your grandchildren over for a special night to share memories. It might be fun to include some characteristics your loved one had that you recognize in your grandchildren. What a great way for them to connect with their ancestors and it would become a special keepsake. If your grandchildren aren’t close enough to invite over you can send it in the mail.