This is a simple activity you can do with your children (3-11 years) that will strengthen their reading and writing skills. Choose a short book to read. Whether you’re reading the book to your child or they are reading to you, be sure to stop periodically and ask questions about what has happened in the story and let them predict what they think will happen next. This is a great way to reinforce comprehension of the story. When you are finished reading, together discuss the sequence of events in the story and make a story wheel.

STEP 1 Trace 2 circles, that are the same size, on white paper. I used a plate.

STEP 2 Cut out the circles. Mark the center on one of the circles.

STEP 3 Cut out a triangular shape but don’t go right to the center marking. You will need a place to put your brad or paperclip.

STEP 4 Put the two circles together and secure at the center point using a brad or paperclip.

STEP 5 On the whole circle have the child draw and color their favorite parts of the story following the sequence of the story. Each scene should fit into the cutout section. Retell the story by turning the top circle to show each drawing.