This is a fun and easy activity to support math skills. You will need: Two sets of cards for each player and scissors.

  1. Print and cut out the cards.
  2.  Each player places one set of cards face down in a circle like the numbers on a clock. The 12 needs to be in the correct position facing up but it doesn’t matter with the others.  
  3. Mix the remaining cards together and place them face down. They become the shared “draw pile”.                                                                          

How to play:

The goal of the game it to be the first player to turn over all the cards on their clock. You do this by taking turns drawing from the shared draw pile and placing the card in the correct position. The card you replace goes to the bottom of the “draw pile”. If you draw a card that is already in the correct position, you skip your turn and put that card at the bottom of the draw pile.