With our hectic lifestyles it’s often difficult to get all the family to sit down to dinner together. But it is worth the effort because the communication that occurs over the course of eating a meal together can lead to greater understanding between grandparents, parents and children. Often times children want to quickly eat then run off to another activity. Here’s some ideas that may make them stay around longer. 

  • Each person picks one utensil that another family member will eat their entire dinner with. Using a spoon to eat spaghetti or a knife to eat peas will bring a lot of laughter.
  • You can throw a blanket or sheet over the table and pretend you’re eating in a tent.
  • Have pancake night and let each person design a pancake based on something they like. Then see if you can guess what each family members shape represents.
  • Use paper plates, cups and napkins left over from special celebrations. Have each person share a memory from that occasion.