What is your secret to a happy family? Dr. Scott Haltzman, author of the book “The Secrets of Happy Families, says there a 4 keys to building a family that will be truly happy.

1. Happy families know who they are. When your family agrees on its core values and consistently lives by those standards you’ll build a stronger family identity and reduce conflict.
2. Happy families lean on others. No family thrives in a bubble. Your extended relatives, friends, neighbors, and other networks are crucial to your happiness.
3. Happy families bounce back. Truly happy families have the resiliency to face life’s challenges and stay strong. Going through difficult times can actually make you feel more connected as a family.
4. Happy families breathe. Families do better when they have plenty of laid-back time together. Whether you’re going for a walk, playing games, making cookies, or just hanging out, the best way to build happy family connections is simply to enjoy one another spontaneously.