Encouraging and supporting a graduate’s dreams is one of the best gifts you can give. The award winning book, Dream helps you express the spirit of that gift. You can accompany the book with more tangible items to help the graduate achieve their dreams and begin a new stage of their life.

Here are other top grad gifts as identified by graduates and their families:

* Money
* Savings Bonds or Stocks.
* Gift certificates for a graduate’s favorite restaurants
* A new or used car
* A laptop computer fully loaded with appropriate software
* A small TV, microwave, digital camera, or DVD player/recorder
* A set of kitchen bowls, plates, and small kitchen appliances like a toaster.
* A cell phone with an annual calling plan.
* Jewelry
* Monogrammed sheets and towels, along with a good pillow
* A Tool Kit
* A Quality Backpack
More ideas and graduation information can be found at Legacy Project