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Where parents and grandparents will find a variety of creative, fun, and educational activities that can be enjoyed together to build strong relationships and lasting memories.

James and the Giant Peach

Do this activity after reading James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. You'll need: Print out peach pattern & character pattern Scissors & glue Pencils & crayons A piece of paper larger than the peach Blue tissue paper for the water Directions: 1.Color...

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All Sorts of Sorts

This is a great activity for kids 3-12. Sorting  get kids thinking about data, attributes and patterns and how things can be organized in different ways. These are skills they need for math. 1. Collect many different kinds of things to sort (buttons, rocks, shells...

No Sew Sock Bunnies

Get Directions No Sew Sock Bunnies

Celebrate What’s Right With America

It seems that we are bombarded by newspapers, magazines, television, and radio with all that is wrong with America. How about this July Fourth make a Top Ten List of what is great about America. Here is mine: 10. I was able to go to college and choose my profession....

Things My Mother Taught Me

My mother taught me to always be kind and include everyone in activities and games that I was playing with my friends. I would often look for kids standing on the sidelines and invite them to join the fun. Because my father had a disability (he lost a leg serving in...

Independence Day Songs

These songs are sung to familiar tunes so you don't need a piano. What a great activity for a family reunion or a neighborhood celebration. Get Songs